E-Switch SS Series part Numbering

When looking at the SS Series of Limit Switches from E-Switch the individual part numbers can be broken down into 7 sections. Here is snip from the manufacturer’s data sheet.

For more details on each section see the attached data sheet.

SS Data Sheet.pdf (1.0 MB)

Applicable Part numbers

EG4929-ND EG4923-ND EG4924-ND EG4927-ND EG4928-ND EG4931-ND EG4932-ND EG4930-ND SS075Q103F040V1A-ND EG4925-ND SS0750300F070P1A-ND EG4921-ND EG4926-ND SS0750300F070S1A-ND SS075Q100F070P1A-ND EG4920-ND EG4922-ND SS0750301F020S1A-ND SS0750301F030P1A-ND SS0750301F040S1A-ND SS075Q101F030P1A-ND SS075Q101F040S1A-ND SS0750302F030P1A-ND SS075Q102F015P1A-ND SS075Q102F025S1A-ND

SS075Q102F035V2A SS0750301F020P1A SS0750301F040P1A SS0750303F050P1A SS0750303F050S1A SS075Q103F030V2A SS075Q103F050P1A SS075Q103F020V1A SS075Q103F040V1A SS0750302F035S1A SS0750300F070P1A SS0750300F130P1A SS0750303F030P1A SS0750300F070S1A SS075Q100F070P1A SS0750300F070V1A SS0750300F130V1A SS0750301F020S1A SS0750301F030P1A SS0750301F040S1A SS075Q101F030P1A SS075Q101F040S1A SS0750302F030P1A SS075Q102F015P1A SS075Q102F025S1A