Edge triggered ADC

Good morning, I’m trying to read an array of ~ 100 flexible resistors (in voltage dividers) ALL AT THE SAME TIME (to avoid a "rolling shutter"effect)… Probably into an arduino MEGA w SD card. I want to display the values in an onscreen array, and also save to a file for future analysis.
I’m advised to find several I2C rising/following edge triggered analog to digital converters. Any help identifying the appropriate ADC s would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

These are the I2C ADCs for which we have stock available. Most of the low-pincount devices in particular will trigger conversions off the I2C clock. Applying any other criteria of interest (e.g. resolution, speed, etc.) will limit the numbers further.

Note also the availability of multi-channel, simultaneous sampling ADCs such as the MAX1304ECM+ or ADS7953SBDBT for example. The S/H-MUX-ADC configuration or equal S/H:ADC ratios can be used to help identify devices with such capabilities. I imagine that an 8 to 16x reduction in I/O lines might be welcome, and whilst chipmageddon persists a commensurate reduction in part quantities consumed would probably be welcome to all the other folks who want one…