Engineering & Parts Help Please

Hey I need some help from someone smarter than I am please!

I’m trying to figure out how to make 2 plastic arms to move away from center and back at the same time.

All 3 pieces are plastic about 6” tall. Center piece remains stationary.

Left arm is mounted at the bottom in the front of the center piece.

Right arm is mounted at the bottom in the back of the center piece.

Both arms should move back & forth at the same slow rate kind of like flower petals opening and closing.

Continuous operation plugged into a standard home outlet is preferred.

Please see attached diagram and advise.



Unfortunately, we do not have an off-the-shelf device to use for that project. Building one from components is no small undertaking, and aside from the obvious need for motors, it would probably require a small microcontroller with a bit of code. It might be possible to accomplish this with hardware, alone, but only likely with some trial and error.

There might be ready-to-use retail items available for this purpose. They’re used for all sorts of “live” displays in advertising and entertainment. You could simply add your own attachments.