Error using file upload in this forum

If I try to post a thread in parts identification section.

If I click on the upload arrow, it allows me to select a JPG file. It then shows a message that it is uploading the JPG but then I get the very unhelpful popup window saying “Sorry an error has occured”.

I am assuming the above is how you are supposed to upload a file to aid in identifying a part.

Firefox browser. Windows 10.

Sent my contact information via pm to see if I can help identify the issue. I don’t think it is a Firefox issue as I use that often myself.


I am not sure what is happening since it does let me post.

Testing in Firefox.

While I look into this issue are you looking to identify both connectors?


It appears to be an issue with the ClearURL extension in Firefox. I need to completely disable it in Firefox extensions in order to be able to upload images. This is a first for any forum. ClearURLs