ESD Human Body Model Value for Murata MLCC

What is ESD Human Body Model Value of GCM, GRM, GCD, GCJ Series capacitors


It is not possible to meaningfully discuss the ESD tolerance of entire product lines of ceramic capacitors as a group, because it varies depending on the capacitance value and voltage rating of each different item in the product series. ESD models are based on discharge of a specified capacitance through some value of resistance to a device under test; when applied to a capacitor, the DUT simply absorbs the charge being delivered. If its capacitance value is large enough that it can absorb all the charge in the ESD source capacitance without exceeding its own voltage rating, damage due to ESD at that level would not be expected.

After doing a thorough search through Murata’s documentation on this topic the only publically published data I could find on ESD pertaining to Murata ceramic capacitors is their automotive grade GCM series.

Click here on Murata’s article on ESD and ceramic capacitors: