FDK Lithium Batteries: UL Model Name vs FDK Product Name

FDK America offers a variety of lithium battery products, and these may be UL recognized. Confusion may arise when the model name listed in the UL file does not appear to match the FDK product names.

The UL file number may appear on one of the FDK product pages as shown below (coin-type primary lithium batteries).


Image source: [click here https://www.fdk.com/battery/lithium_e/coin_primery/index.html ].

As with many manufacturers, FDK directs customers to the UL Product IQ site where full documentation can be found (registration and/or login is required): [click here https://iq2.ulprospector.com/session/new?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fiq.ulprospector.com%2Fen%2F ]. However, full FDK product codes might not appear in the UL document—only a partial match.

FDK explains that if the basic battery cell is common to all of the product code variations, they are considered as the same model for the purpose of UL recognition. The example used by FDK is model name CR2/3 8.L from which product codes CR2/3 8.L-F1ST4S, CR2/3 8.L-CN668S, CR2/3 8.L-CN763S, etc., are derived. All of these product names are considered to be the same CR2/3 8.L model number as far as UL recognition.

A full explanation is given here: [click here https://www.fdk.com/battery/lithium_e/UL/ ].

This relationship between base model numbers and full product codes is true for many manufacturers and types of products. However, it is not guaranteed, so unless a manufacturer has supporting material such as FDK offered, confirmation via the UL documentation is required. In other words, there may be exceptions.

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