Finding the correct Crimp tool for TE contacts

If you are having a difficult time finding the correct crimp tool make sure you are looking at the correct package for the tool you are looking for. If you are looking for a hand crimp tool you will want to look under the Bulk or Bag contact number. If you are looking for an applicator you will want to look under the Tape and Reel part number.

For example if you look un TE part number 61626-1 you will not see a hand crimp tool for this contact listed. That is because this is the tape and reel part number and it is assumed that if you are buying in that quantity that you will be using the applicator. If you look under part 350388-1 which is the bulk part number for the same contact you will see too number 1901963-1 listed under the tooling section. This will allow you to get manufacturer quality crimps on these contacts.