Finding U-Boot source code used in BeagleBone Black pre-built images

Does anyone have access to the source code for the U-Boot used in the pre-built images found, for example, at Index of /rootfs/ ?
I currently have a working U-Boot (2019.04-g923f8b8) and Linux (Debian 11.5, kernel 5.15.65-bone-rt-r30) running on my BeagleBone Black, and I was even able to create my own custom kernel and flash it, but when I try compiling U-Boot from U-Boot / U-Boot · GitLab and flashing it the kernel doesn’t boot. I was hoping someone could share the source code used in the pre-built images, or at the very least explain how the U-Boot environment is set up. That way I could make incremental modifications without totally breaking the environment or having to start effectively from scratch.

The Buster U-Boot branch used for that is located here:

the git sha will no longer match, we moved git hosts and added build scripts into the git tree…


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