Flat slim non latching push button 230v

I work for an OEM manufacturer of decorative lighting fixtures and we want to put a small stylish dim module on the power cord to dim a push dim driver inside the fixture. We’ll use a 4 wire cord so we can create the dim signal next to the power lines.
i’m looking for a flat ultra slim non latching push button that can handle the 230V of the push dim signal.
We want to make a dim module that looks very sleek.
Below a picture i found online that represents the kind of module we want to make.
Can you help me find a suitable button please?

Hi Stijn,

Welcome to the Digi-Key tech forum.

Unfortunately I did not see anything within our inventory or that we carry, that resembles that switch operation, look, and voltage.

Maybe something like the membrane switches that we have under keypad switches category, some relatable ones in link below:

Or maybe tactile switches for the dimming feature, or a combination of some kind, but it seems we don’t have a switch with exactly the parameters you’re looking for. And none of these have that kind of voltage unfortunately either.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Snap dome type switches are also commonly used for making assemblies of the sort pictured.

It is quite unlikely though that the pictured switches are carrying 230VAC directly, since switches of these kinds are physically not capable of doing so in a safe manner.