Ford Police SUV Connectors

looking for a terminal used in ford police suv’s Ford part number is EU2Z 14421AA it comes as a pigtail but I am only looking for the terminal can you help

Hello @collinsjeremym,

Welcome to Digi-Key’s TechForum. Unfortunately, the Ford part number does not pull up the information needed to find this product. We would need the manufacturer’s part number of that part.

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here are two pictures of the mating terminal that I am looking for. The photo with the two connectors the white and black one is the connector that the terminals I need go into and the all white connector is the one where the terminals in the other pictures came out of. hope this helps

Another photo of mating connector and terminals. I am looking for terminal that would go with these.


I am sorry. I am unable to verify the connector . I am sure this is proprietary to Ford. Unfortunately terminals are not universal. What I mean by this statement is they are made to fit the connector housing thay are made for. They all look the same, yet most of the time they will not fit if in the housing unless you get the one that was made for the housing that was used. This is the only way we have to determine the pin number you have is by having the housing number. I have had people try to find them by looking at the data sheets and matching size. Though this is a hard process. Though I can provide a link to male pins and most of the data sheets should be linked. You can sure try. It is just very hard. Here is the link:

Sorry. I just have no better option without finding the housing in our system. It is most likely something made by Ford .