Gateway DSGW-040, envio peticiones HTPPS

Buenos días,

Estamos desarrollando un aplicación que debe recoger vía https la señal de unos acelerómetros.
Hemos visto el gateway DSGW-040-02 EU, nos gustaría que nos confirmasen si realmente podemos emparejar los dispositivos con acelerómetro iBeacon (ej. DSBC-100-1-WB) a este gateway para enviar dicha información a un servidor cloud, todo ello sin tener que realizar un desarrollo.
Es decir, que se puedan emparejar ambos dispositivos fácilmente, en el caso concreto que estamos tratando habría que emparejar un gateway y 5 ibeacon.

Gracias de antemano.

Hi Komit,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. The answer to your question is not straight forward. Any application like this requires some configuration before it can be fully implemented. I would recommend you read the documentation on their website, and in particular here.

On that web page, I found the following, which describes a portion of the process:

2. Step 2: Make primary configuration Connect the gateway with a router and get the IP address of the gateway. Log in the gateway by inputing Gateway IP address on a web broswer. Enter username and password, then you can check the status of gateway information (host name, firmware version, local time, memory. Network, etc.)
3. Step 3: Finish Internet setting and LAN setting according to user manual.
4. Step 4: Make Sub-devices Connection The Bluetooth gateway works by scanning and connecting BLE devices. Users can use filtering options such as RSSI, BLE device name, MAC address to filter the specific devices you want and then connect. After the connection is established, Bluetooth gateway will caches the data structures of characteristics and services of the device. User can notify the value or write configuration to the BLE devices. Here we have a detailed demo about developing an application over Bluez APIs to manipulate BLE devices.
5. Step 5: Make Cloud configuration After Bluetooth gateway recognizes the features and data structures of surrounded BLE devices, it can send the data to the cloud server through the MQTT(TCP/SSL) protocols. You need to fill in the parameters obtained from the Azure/AWS/Tuya platforms to enable gateway connected with the cloud. Then filled in the right value offered by MQTT broker. SSL certificate can be used to enhance the communication security, here we have an MQTT SSL example.