Getting Started with ATSAMA5D27

I’m trying to follow this guide: Debian: Getting Started with the ATSAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1

I have a two questions:

  1. If I want to use a more recent ARM cross compiler (GCC 11+) to build the bootloader and kernel, can I simply replace the Linaro one with a newer one downloaded from here: Arm GNU Toolchain Downloads – Arm Developer? I would like to use a more modern CC for building apps for the board.

  2. When following the guide, no network interfaces show up by default. I have a wireless adapter Edimax EW-7811Un which uses the Realtek RTL8188CUS chipset. In order to use it, do I need to do anything else apart from enabling the driver support when configuring the Linux kernel? I’ve tried this, and while I can see the adapter when running lsusb, I’m not able to bring up the wireless interface.

I wouldn’t do that for U-Boot or AT91Bootstrap, historically AT91Bootstrap was picky about gcc versions. U-Boot that’s a little more safe, the version used was the most tested.

For the kernel, i’ve bumped the build scripts, so you can choose between gcc 6.5.x and gcc 12.2.x…

Make sure the kernel config is enabled, and you have the firmware installed…


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Does it matter if AT91Bootstrap or U-Boot is compiled with a different/older version than the kernel?

Thanks for bumping the build scripts! When you uncomment toolchain="gcc_12_arm" in, does that use the Cross toolchain from here, or does that mean I need to download the latest GNU Toolchain from ARM’s website here?

I’m guessing the one from ARM’s website is mostly for building application code as opposed to compiling kernels, but just clarifying here in case I’m wrong.

I apologize if it is a noob question, but where can I enable kernel config from and install the firmware?

Nope, it doesn’t matter…

ARM/Linaro’s release model began to stagnate… I’ve switched to’s builds:

for user options, you can still set the build flag in to a custom binary…

Firmware should be: Debian -- Details of package firmware-realtek in bullseye

For kernel driver, i’d start with RTL8XXXU:

voodoo@hestia:/opt/github/armv7_devel$ cat patches/defconfig | grep RTL8
# CONFIG_USB_RTL8150 is not set
# CONFIG_USB_RTL8152 is not set
# CONFIG_RTL8192CU is not set
# CONFIG_RTL8XXXU is not set
# CONFIG_RTL8723BS is not set

and see what happens…


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