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Q: What is a Glow Wire Connector?

A: Glow Wire capable testing became a mandatory requirement in 2001 for certain home appliances sold in Europe. This International Safety Standard (IEC/EN 60335-1 5th Edition) was issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Legislation may soon expand to other regions.

All connectors in unattended appliances carrying a current greater than 0.20A must pass the Glow Wire test. The Glow Wire test measures ignition resistance of the plastic connector material. To pass the test, a connector housing must withstand 30 seconds of an applied glowing wire at a temperature of 750°C and not ignite, or if ignition occurs it must self extinguish within 2 seconds, alternatively the connector housing must be made from a material that meets or exceeds the required GWFI and GWIT requirements as detailed in the IEC/EN 60335-1 5th Edition standard. A connector that is just UL94 V-0 or V-2 rated does not necessarily meet Glow Wire requirements.

Glow-Wire products are manufactured from materials that have specific ratings and are tested by independent agencies.

This video provides a clearer understanding of Glow Wire Testing

Molex’s Glow Wire Compliance Statement: Glow Wire Statementx (

GWIT is Glow Wire Ignition Test - Tested at least 775°C

GWIF is Glow Wire Index Flammability - Tested at least 850°C

Molex offers Glow Wire capable connectors in many popular styles to meet all safety and environmental requirements mandated by the Home Appliance industry. For more information, please review the product datasheets to see if the connector you need for your application meets Glow Wire standards.

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