Heatsink Selection


I’m looking for a recommendation on a heatsink for a lighting application. I have a 10" x 10" grid of LEDs with a total DC wattage of about 430W. As i understand from other discussions about 40-50% of that power will be thermal power (175W-200W). It’s a natural convection application with an ambient of 35C while trying to keep LEDs at a Tc of 65C or better (if possible). I’m looking for a recommendation on the type (extruded, folded fin etc.) and heatsink size.


Is there any one with more experience with circuit design able to help?

There are many thermal calculators out there where you enter in the degC/W for each item and it works out the math in trying to resolve if you can meet your thermal budget or not.

One example…

Maximum luminous efficacy is 683 lumens/watt. If the LEDs in question develop 120 lm/W, roughly (683-120)/683=82% of electrical input gets converted to heat, as a conservative estimate.

Divide the desired maximum temp rise by the thermal load to find a thermal resistance target; 30°C/200W = 0.15°C/W for example, which would be a rather aggressive target for a natural-convection application. Something like the 345-1962-ND might get one there…

thanks everyone for your feedback.

Very helpful. I’ll investigate further.