Help find an alternative to this chip

I bought of these used X4 AC Plus 4 Port AC/DC Multi-Charger | HITEC RCD USA

It has 4 of the exact same lipo chargers. One of them doesn’t work. I opened it up and there was one IC on the underside that was clearly burned out.

I’ve tried to look for this IC but I’m unable to find it.
Here’s a photo of another of the same IC I found at a different part of the board.

The number on it reads
Triangle symbol 1c3h.

There are 10+ of this same IC through the board in the same setup as the picture.

Is there some place that I can buy this ic or find a replacement?


Thank you for contacting DigiKey , sorry I am not finding any information for that part with those markings.

Thanks Craig

The markings don’t match, but given the footprint it’s very likely a FET similar to the FDS6680A.