Help Finding a Replacement Battery/Correct Connector

Hello, I’m trying to upgrade the battery in a retro handheld called M17. I THINK I need a 3.7v 3500mAh replacement. But I need to know what type of connector this is, or what type of battery I need that I can solder the connections to this connector I already have.

Hoping with these images, someone can assist me in finding the correct part.

Thank you

Hello nick.schultz01, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The battery looks like a Lithium-Ion. You will have to try and verify that. The closest capacity that we have are 3Ah (3000mAh) and 4.8Ah (4800mAh). Click here for those options.
The closest I found to the look of your connector, is 455-1377-ND, which has a contact spacing of 1.00mm. The contact is 455-1561-1-ND, but you can also use a pre-crimped lead like 455-3998-ND, which can be cut in half to make 2 leads for the connector.
Please check the datasheets to verify compatibility to your application.

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Hi David, I think maybe these are the correct connectors + pins:

Those look right. I think you found the clone to the Molex PanelMate 51146 and contact, which also look the same.

The trick you’ll have is trying to crimp those tiny contacts onto the wire. The crimp tool designed specifically for that contact, the WM9805-ND, is the best choice to make a quality crimp, but it’s not cheap for a single job. Hobbyists might want to consider using the 1528-1683-ND, as, although it still isn’t cheap, it’s nowhere near the cost of a crimper designed specifically for that contact, and with a bit of practice, it will do a decent job crimping a number of different contacts which fit into 2.54mm and finer pitch connectors, so you may find further use of it in other projects.

If you choose to pick up one of those connectors and contacts, I would highly recommend you order several extra contacts, as, if you are anything like me, you might lose one or two or damage a few during your crimping process.

I’ve decided that due to how complicated doing this myself will be, that I’ll attempt surgery instead… wish me luck. And thank you for your help identifying parts.


Good luck to you!