Help Finding Industrial Vibration Sensors with Built-in Signal Conditioning

Help me to find Industrial vibration sensors with built-in signal conditioning and standard output like voltage that connect directly to micro-controller (e.g.- Arduino, esp32) . Our Idea is to measure vibration in a wide range of Freqs. We are trying to detect different motor issues using vibration sensors located in different spots of a large diesel engine.

Hi julian.valdes,

Have you looked at the ADCMXL3021BMLZ-ND and the 505-EVAL-ADCM-ND evaluation kit for it? It has built-in programmable FIR filtering capability and FFT capability. It can be programmed to filter in both low and high-pass filter modes with different cut-off frequencies. It also has programmable alarm modes and an internal memory buffer. It interfaces via SPI, so most standard MCU can communicate with it.




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“Signal conditioning” can have varying meanings in different contexts. If what you’re looking for is really just an amplified transducer in robust packaging, they’re split between the “vibration sensor” and “accelerometer” families. Both also contain component-level product, but mounting type and termination filters can be used to focus in on devices of a more ready-to-use sort, as seen in the links provided.