Hirose p/n configuration

what does (50), (70) etc designate in Hirose part number configuration?

Hello knuetzman - welcome to the Forum!

Hello knuetzman - welcome to the Forum!

The Hirose suffixes are not identical for each series, but they generally refer to the plating and the packaging. For instance on the DF13 series: (21) : Tin plated embossed tape packaging and (51) : Gold plated embossed tape packaging. On another series, DF1B the suffix
(05) : Tin plated. The suffixes for each series are explained in that series’ datasheets, which are linked on each part number’s Product Detail Page on our website.
If by chance you encounter one that is not explained, you are welcome to list the part number here and we can find that explanation for you.



Hi knuetzman: I couldn’t find any information on this one, but I have e-mailed my Product Specialist to get that answer for you. As soon as I have his reply, I’ll let you know.



Hi knuetzman - here’s my Product Specialist’s reply:
Hirose made a plating spec change. Part number UX60-MB-5S8 was discontinued and replaced by UX60-MB-5S8(70). Please see the below Product Change Notice for details. Thanks!

Thank you so much.



One more ? on the Hirose

What does the “SC” mean compared to a non SC?




Hello knuetzman - sorry for the late reply, I saw your note as I was leaving. I wasn’t able to find out what the SC means. I e-mailed my Product Specialist for clarification and will post when received.

Hi knuetzman - sorry for the delay. Here’s the reply from my Product Specialist:
The SC version is shallower in its protrusion into the pcb from the front panel.
7.0mm depth v 9.0mm depth. Also the Ground/Shell attachment is different on each pcb, therefore the pcb mounting pattern changes for each.
The mating interface is per the standard.

SC Version

Non-SC version