Home Automation with ESP32


I am working on my home project, where I want to control all my appliances with WiFi. I want to create small nodes i.e. separate node for main switches, then a node for washroom switches, then there may be a third switch to control, or a window curtain control node, so I want to create independent multiple nodes, all will be communicating with each other.

I have searched online and found the similar idea here: Motorized WiFi Roller Blind - ESP8266 - Share Project - PCBWay I am exactly trying to create such nodes, about the mechanical part or casing that’s not yet to be finalized.

Rite now I am focusing on the electronics side, so can someone please guide me a little. I have worked on ESP32 but as much as I have understood it, I need to create ESP32 mesh networks where multiple nodes talking to parent node. So, any suggestions would be welcome. How I should proceed it??



For ESP32 node-to-node communication take a look at “ESP-NOW”. I have only tinkered with it a little but it was fairly straightforward. It sounds exactly what you are looking for.

Hope this helps!
Alex Udanis

For creating the mesh network, it’s a pretty straightforward process. You can do a search online and there are tons of resources you’ll find helpful.

You can check out this site for assistance with ESP32 home automation.