How do I find other schematics symbols

Hi, may you please help me, I can’t find other schematic symbols e.g. thermistor, LDR, relays, how do I search or add to library, thank you.

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For finding electronic symbols for a schematic, you can search on google and find a lot of links.
For adding symbols to a library, maybe one of the engineers that are on the TechForum can add to this, and answer your question.

Good evening David

Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate it, I will try a search for the links and I would also appreciate it if the engineer can help on adding them to the library, thank you a lot again.

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Is your request in regard to locating/adding symbols in Scheme-it?

If so, for a relay, under Schematic Symbols on the left, hit Electromechanical to see the different relay symbols.

Another way would be to type ‘relay’ in the search at the top and boom-

Same for the thermistor-

For the LDR, we don’t have that acronym aliased yet, but you can locate them under the Opto section-

If you know you will be using one often, you can hit the star to add it to your favorites.

Good evening Brian

I hope you are well sir, yes in Scheme-it, I have found some schematic symbols and I didn’t find thermistor, LDR, and others, how can I add them to the library, I will really appreciate your help, thank you.

Did you get a chance to review the examples above?

Thank you so much and I will definitely add it to my favorites.

No, I didn’t but I’m going through them and I’m getting the solutions, thank you a lot.