How many parts per bag?

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How many parts per bag of 970050365?

Hello stratosvx,

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We receive this part (DigiKey part number 732-12793-ND) in a manufacture bag of 500 pieces.
We open the bag and sell these individually.
So if you order 1 piece, you will get 1 spacer put in a bag.

Thank you for the reply. This product says that the packaging is “Bag” and according to the description, “Bag packaging indicates that a specified quantity of product is packaged by the manufacturer in a bag, sealed pouch, or similar container and sold as a unit without repackaging.” Isn’t field this mislabeled?

The labeling is correct. This will come in a bag.
If you want the manufacture sealed bag of 500 pieces, you can order 500 pieces.
You would have to request a single shipment, or they will send the 53 pieces we currently have in stock, and the rest when they arrive. So you would not get the sealed Mfg bag.