How to access sensor data for TCS3400

Hi, I just bought a tcs3400 sensor. I read the sensor datasheet but still don’t know how to access the sensor data using a microcontroller. is there any tutorial that I can follow? Thank you for your help


TCS3400 sensor

Hello Anam,

It looks like the I²C Clock would be pin 2 and I/O terminal is on Pin 6.


Looking at the datasheet timing characteristics can be found on page 9 and all the register (addresses) can be found starting on page 13.

Depending on the microcontroller you are using there may be some information on interfacing with I²C.

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Hi Anam,

I have not found any tutorials for the TCS3400, but I have found some useful information for the very similar TCS34725 from several of our vendors. The register addresses differ between the two sensors (by an offset of 0x80), and there is some difference in functionality, but one can get a pretty good idea of how to interface with the TCS3400 by reading the information for the TCS34725.

From Adafruit:

Example info

From Seeed Studio:

Example info

From DFRobot:

Example info

Here is a link to a GitHub entry where someone submitted a library to interface with the TCS3400 with an Arduino.

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Thank you for your help Robert_Fay & David_1528
Sorry for late reply.

Now i can use this sensor properly. by the way i’ve made a pcb for this sensor (sorry for bad soldering :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

someday i will share about schematic and code.