How to order I2C address variants for MMC5603NJ magnetic sensor

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Looking for variants of the magnetic sensor MMC5603NJ with 8 different factory-set I2C addresses. I saw this a while ago including quantities available for each address, but today I only see one part number with the default address. In our application it helps to put multiple of these sensors on one bus, and I remember being able to specify some section of the part number ranging from 00 to 07. Can anyone explain the process to order these variant I2C addresses if still possible? Thanks.

Like you’re saying, I see in the datasheet where they mention these sensors addresses can be factory programmed so they can be used on the same bus.

I’m checking with our Product Management team for Memsic to see if/how these can be ordered separately.


Hi ck.harnett,

While we wait for info to come back on how to possibly order varied I2C address options for the MMC5603NJ, if it turns out to be inconvenient or not possible, there is another option to consider, particularly if the production volumes are not significant enough to order custom parts.

Several IC manufacturers make I2C address translator chips which take different I2C addresses from the Master device and route the communication to one of two or more separate output channels in which the slave device for each channel has identical embedded I2C addresses. This allows a single Master to communicate with two or more slave devices which have the same I2C address using only one Master I2C serial port.

NXP and Texas Instruments use the same base part numbers (presumably from a cross-license agreement) with the PCA954x series and Analog Devices (via the Linear Technology acquisition) makes their own products for this application with the LTC4316 and LTC4317, as well as the LTC4312 and LTC4314.

Here’s a typical application example for a two-channel I2C mux:


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Thanks. I went back through our orders and the part I remembered was actually MAX31875. It’s a tiny I2C temperature sensor but other than that it’s the same concept. The 8 address variants can be ordered from DigiKey by changing part of the number from R0, R1, … R7. It would be great if the MMC5603 magnetic sensor could be set up the same way.

Yup the backup plan is I2C multiplexer-- Hoping we can multiplex a few rows of 8 different sensors (we have an array of identical sensors in this project)

Hi ck.harnett,

That’s a relatively rare feature among I2C devices to make them available with different addresses as a standard part. Some devices will add a pin or two to allow the user to configure them with more than one address, but the smaller the part, the less common that feature is, in general.

Some of the parts I provide links to above should be able to handle this.

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Yup it happens that the MMC5603 has the same option as the other I2C device I mentioned, 8 different factory-written addresses. But it remains to be seen if Memsic & DigiKey can do that in quantities that work for prototyping.

I see Kristof has sent the request and will respond when the information is available.

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I’ve been informed 7 other factory programmed addresses can be custom programmed upon order.

It would be a special quote request, what we call a Non-Catalog request. I’ve sent you a message with further details.

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