I need a full datasheet for BCM5461SA3KFBG

I need a full datasheet for BCM5461SA3KFBG device. I created an account with Broadcom and asked the same question. I got no reply. I can’t use it without a full datasheet. This is urgent for me. The Broadcom website said to contact the distributor if it is urgent.

Hello Tony,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to DigiKey with your question. In regards to the full datasheet, what information are you looking for the full datasheet to contain? I was able to find this two page datasheet with some basic information on part # BCM5461SA3KFBG .
BCM5461S Product Brief.pdf (187.1 KB)

Thank you but I had that brief datasheet already. I thought you would have higher priority access to Broadcom than me and that you could get the “full” datasheet from them, which includes pin information. They appear to have ignored my request.

IME, Broadcom keeps much of their data secret and only provides it to other companies after they have a signed NDA. Odds are that unless you can show that your company is going to buy many thousands of pieces, Broadcom will likely ignore you.This is one of the non-open aspects of Raspberry Pi’s that irritates many in the open source world.

Regarding this product Broadcom does require an NDA for the full datasheet. Please follow this link Home - Broadcom Community - Discussion Forums, Technical Docs, and Expert Blogs to register/login for making this request directly with Broadcom.

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