I would like to convert 12 volt ac to 5 volt dc

I would like to convert 12 volt ac to 5 volt dc. Do you sell a transformer like this or the things I need to build my own?

Yes, Digi-Key does sell transformers that can be used to convert 12V AC to 5V DC. You can find a variety of AC-DC transformers, also known as power supplies, on their website that are capable of converting 12V AC to 5V DC. These transformers typically include a rectifier and a voltage regulator to convert the AC input to a DC output and to maintain a stable output voltage.

In addition to transformers, you may also need other components such as diodes and capacitors to build your own AC-DC power supply. Digi-Key carries a wide range of electronic components, including diodes and capacitors, that you can use to build your own power supply.

It’s worth noting that designing and building your own power supply can be complex and may require a deep understanding of electrical engineering principles. If you are not familiar with the design and construction of power supplies, it may be safer and more reliable to use a pre-assembled transformer or power supply from a reputable manufacturer.