Identify battery connector used in 8853Q

Hello, I lost the battery for the Trilithic 8853Q and am looking to build a replacement. I need to identify what connector to buy for the battery. Please see attached picture.


Welcome to the Tech Forum. We are looking into this connector and should be back to you soon. That 5mm pitch will limit the choices fairly fast.

Thank you


Hi DL6,

How confident are you of the pin pitch? It looks quite a bit like Molex Mini-Fit Jr connectors, such as these. These are 4.2mm pitch.

Here’s an example of the mating part:


That looks like a good option to try. Thank you for finding that.
I would like to buy something with wires already attached. What do you think about this part?

I’ll cut that and connect it to the battery leads

900-2153201022-ND looks to be good. Its that 4.2mm pitch mini fit jr that seems it might work.

Fits well, thank you!



Excellent! Glad it worked out for you! Thanks for getting back to us to verify that it worked.