Identify marking code SMD 82 TI MBS

Hello ,
I need to identify the chip with marking code
82 TI MBS in package MSOP-8
I think is gate driver PWM
Many thanks

Hello Vincenzo,

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The TI part makes me think the part might be Texas Instruments.

MBS comes up in their database as an Operational Amplifier Mfg PN: LM2904DGKR

Which they call a VSSOP, which also corresponds to a MSOP (0.118", 3.00mm Width)


Thanks Krisof,

but the chip is it connection at UCC28180 (pwm)

and I believe is the GATE DRIVER .

Anyway thanks a Lot


Greetings, do you have a picture of the part that you could post, this may help in identifying the part.

Hi Sir,

in attached file photo.



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