Identifying laser sensor component

This came out of a huepar laser sensor for a laser level like you would find at a home improvement store.

The front has a field of wires going horizontally, split into two fields, above and below the middle line. It detects when the laser level is hitting above, below or right on the line.

There are three connections at the top that I believe are: (+) for top field, (-) ground, (+) for bottom field. There is also a connection at the bottom that is ground as well. I assume the circuit measures the difference in voltage generated by the top and bottom fields.

The dimensions are about 1.25" x 1.25".

I would like to know what type of component it is so that I can start my research and figure out how to build my own circuit using this.

It would seem to be some type of light sensor, that would send different readings to a microcontroller, depending where the light is hitting it. I may be to automatically make adjustments to keep the light on the center point. We do not carry this item, and I would think it would be a proprietary part for that device.

That looks like two standard silicon photovoltaic cells mounted on a FR4 substrate.

That type of component is almost always custom made for the application.

Thanks everyone. I’ll start looking for cells that I can experiment with.