InnoSwitch4 Output Profile explanation

There are two “output Profiles” available for this family of parts: “Fixed CC” and “CV only”. These parts appear to be operating in voltage mode so can someone help explain what these output profiles mean?

a constant voltage (CV) and a constant current (CC) control circuit, Typically used in a led power supply.

InnoSwitch4-CZ-Data-Sheet.pdf (

Both types (constant voltage and constant current) have a constant voltage feedback pin which is used to set the desired output voltage. The difference is how they behave when current draw exceeds a desired level.

The constant current versions will adjust the output voltage down to try to maintain a constant current, via voltage measured across a sense resistor. Constant voltage profile versions will try to maintain a set output voltage, regardless of load, up to the overcurrent limit, at which time it will, depending on feature code version, either auto-restart or latch off until power is reset.