Interfacing SAM9x60 curiosity with 5" ZJ050NA LCD

I’ve recently started my journey into embedded systems with sam9x60_curiosity board, and I want to interface it with 5.0 inch 640x480 tft lcd screen (ZJ050NA without hdm driving board). I have already create the curiosity ↔ LCD interface, and built buildroot based linux system (according to the tutorial on and changed u-boot environmental variables to start the lcd drivers without previous detection of LCD type. LCD works fine (egt-launcher), but there is a problem I’m stuck on. The resolution of the screen is set in linux on 800x480 (PDA5000 driver from microchip), and i have no idea how to modify the possible resolutions to match the screen parameters. Maybe some of you know the solution for this issue, because I cannot find anything useful on that case.

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