IR sensor having range atleat 50mm and temperature rating -30 to 80'C

I want an IR Object detection sensor that has a range of almost at least 50mm and also has a temperature rating of -30’C to 100’C. I want to place it in the heater chamber so temperature rating is very important for me.
If any other sensor such as through-beam or distance ranging is available in that temperature rating then that will be also helpful for me. then please also let me know about this.

Hello Talha, thank you for contacting us.
Please take a look at FD-H30-KZ1V-S-ND sensor is listed at 25-80mm

Hi…Everything relies upon the exactness you are attempting to achieve,as you may definitely realize that with expanding distance the precision of the article temperature brings down (except if we utilize a focal point based methodology). Distances <6 inches ought to have the option to give you great accuracies(<2 deg relying upon the arrangement), as long as the item possesses its whole field of view.

Since wind stream, temperature range, item’s emissivity and size of the action region assume a significant part in exactness of the IR temp sensor, I can give you explicit answers in the event that you can clarify more about your expected application.