JTSE Resistor type

I am searching for a active part number for a 390 Ohm 1/4w JTSE. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @HighPoweredMutant,

Welcome to the Technical Forum Community! Can you clarify what JTSE refers to? We have several options for a Resistor 390Ω 1/4W. I’m guessing you’re looking for a through-hole resistor with a tolerance of 5%. Then 390QBK-ND would have this spec " Res 390Ω 1/4W 5% Axial". If you need an option with a different tolerance, then please review the options here

I was not specific enough AND I miss typed. It would be “TJS”. Terminal Junction. It’s like an in-line splice module with or without a component inside. I am in search for the resistive type of that specific value. Please see the attached image.

I don’t see a part like this with a 390-ohm resistor built in. We might be able to get the TJSE part with the resistor you need as a custom order from the manufacturer. If you would like us to check, please send me a private message so I can get all your contact details as we don’t want your personal information on the forum.

The terminal junction system products are filed here.

Insofar as they seem something of an exotic item, off-the-shelf availability might be a bit tough to find.

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Thank you for the information and your time, we will have to find a more common solution.