Klipsch DYS650-240210W-K Cross Reference

We don’t carry Klipsch or part number DYS650-240210W-K power supply with the specs Input:100~240Vac, Output: 24VDC, 2.1A, with a 2.1mmx5.5mm barrel and positive center". The similar supply below is an international type supply that includes several blades for use in different countries. The cable length is a bit shorter, 1200mm vs 1500mm. Please review the datasheet before ordering.

Digi-Key Part Number 2882-15DYS850-240210W-K-ND
Manufacturer Ideal Power Ltd.
Manufacturer Product Number 15DYS850-240210W-K
Detailed Description 24V 50 W 2.1A AC/DC External Wall Mount (Class II) Adapter Multi-Blade (Included)
Datasheet Click Here

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