Knowles Broadband Block Capacitance Inquiry

Inquiries about the capacitance of C04BL/C06BL/C08BL/C18BL Broadband Block Capacitors from Knowles is a common question. Most customers measured the capacitance and found its over the capacitance value listed on datasheet.

Here is what the manufacturer said about this.

The specification for the part is MINIMUM, there is no maximum, therefore the parts are in conformance. The X tolerance means guaranteed minimum value, or GMV. Whatever the cap code value is would be the lower limit, and anything higher than that value would be considered in tolerance.

Applicable part numbers
Mfr Part # Mfr
C04BL121X-5SN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C04BL121X-5UN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C06BL851X-1SN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C06BL851X-1UN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C06BL851X-1ZN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C06BL851X-5UN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C06BL851X-5ZN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C06BL851Z-5ZN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C08BL102X-1SN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C08BL102X-1UN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C08BL102X-1ZN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C08BL242X-5SN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C08BL242X-5UN-X0B Knowles Novacap
C08BL242X-5UN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C08BL242X-5ZN-X0B Knowles Novacap
C08BL242X-5ZN-X0T Knowles Novacap
C18BL103X-4GN-X0T Knowles Dielectric Labs
C18BL103X-4UN-X0B Knowles Dielectric Labs
C18BL103X-4UN-X0T Knowles Dielectric Labs