Laird PI00 suffix information

When looking at Laird Parts like 67SLG100100100PI00, some parts may have a “PI00” suffix attached to the end of the part number. Here is what these suffixes mean.

  • PI = Polyimide
    00 = Revision

When the part number has a “PI00” suffix, it means that this part is wrapped in a Polyimide film.

Applicable Part Numbers

67SLA060080070PI00 67SLA100150100PI00 67SLG030030050PI00 67SLG040035030PI00
67SLG040040025PI00 67SLG050050030PI00 67SLG050060050PI00 67SLG060080070PI00
67SLG100100100PI00 67SLG100150100PI00 67SLH050050025PI00 67SLH050050030PI00
67SLH050050050PI00 67SLH060080070PI00 67SLH060080080PI00 67SLH060100050PI00

67SLA060080070PI00-ND 67SLA100150100PI00-ND 903-1587-1-ND 903-1587-2-ND
903-1587-6-ND 903-1588-1-ND 903-1588-2-ND 903-1588-6-ND 903-1589-1-ND 903-1589-2-ND
903-1589-6-ND 903-1590-1-ND 903-1590-2-ND 903-1590-6-ND 903-1591-1-ND 903-1591-2-ND
903-1591-6-ND 903-1592-1-ND 903-1592-2-ND 903-1592-6-ND 903-1593-1-ND 903-1593-2-ND
903-1593-6-ND 903-1594-1-ND 903-1594-2-ND 903-1594-6-ND 903-1595-1-ND 903-1595-2-ND
903-1595-6-ND 903-1596-1-ND 903-1596-2-ND 903-1596-6-ND 903-1597-1-ND 903-1597-2-ND
903-1597-6-ND 903-1598-1-ND 903-1598-2-ND 903-1598-6-ND 903-1599-1-ND 903-1599-2-ND
903-1599-6-ND 903-1600-1-ND 903-1600-2-ND 903-1600-6-ND 903-1601-1-ND 903-1601-2-ND