LDO Difference between LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB and LP38798SDE-ADJ/NOPB from TI

What does the added E in the part number LP38798SDE-ADJ/NOPB from
Texas Instruments
mean? Does it change the part?

SD, SDE, SDX suffix parts is referenced 3 times in the datasheet:

  1. Page 23 in the datasheet:

  2. Page 25 in the datasheet:

  3. Page 26 in the datasheet:

From these details, the only difference appears to be package quantity and reel size.

Applicable Part Number
DK Part # Mfr Part #
296-35855-2-ND, 296-35855-1-ND, 296-35855-6-ND LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB
296-36225-2-ND, 296-36225-1-ND, 296-36225-6-ND LP38798SDE-ADJ/NOPB
296-43302-2-ND, 296-43302-1-ND, 296-43302-6-ND LP38798SDX-ADJ/NOPB