Leakage of ceramic capacitor

I have two ceramic capacitors (MLCC) of same rating 10V, 100uF, X5R – one in 1206 package (C3216X5R1A107M160AC) and the other one in 1812 package (C4532X5R1A107M280KC). Which one will have more leakage at an application voltage of 5 VDC and why (with possible reference please)? Thank you.

Hi @kawsarali -

I checked with one of our engineers, here is what he had to say:

Here are some leakage current specification values from Murata:
What are the leakage current specification values for DC? | Capacitors FAQ | Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

C3216X5R1A107M160AC the 1206 case

C4532X5R1A107M280KC the big 1812 case: https://product.tdk.com/info/en/documents/chara_sheet/C4532X5R1A107M280KC.pdf

Since they both have roughly the same insulation resistance you can expect roughly the same leakage current from both at the applied voltage( makes sense the only real difference between them is the case size since they are the same capacitance, voltage rating, series, etc). The only real difference I can see here is the bigger one handles cold temperatures better by not losing as much cap value.

Technical Reference # T3714857

Senior Applications Engineer Technician

Thanks for the clarification Lindsay!