Led Circuit Driver question


I’m trying to set up a circuit with one PCB LED with specs (700mA 11.9 V 8.3W max) and a piece of LED strip (12VDC 0.4 meters long with 20W/meter power)

My question is, how can i drive this circuit? Do i need a constant power supply?

To fully answer your question as to which specific power supply to use we will need to know the part number of the LED strip you are using as the requirements will vary depending on the LED strip.
You will need a constant power supply. Whether you need a constant voltage or constant current supply depends on the strip. Some have build in resistors, that will eliminate the need for a constant current supply and some do not.

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Thank you for your answer!

Part number of LED strip is 3528 12v. It has resistors so i guess i should use a constant voltage power supply. But for the LED which is a NICHIA NV4L144AR i found that i should use a constant current power supply since the recommended current is 700mA.

If I’m going to do a circuit with both the LED and the LED strip, what type of supply should i use?

spec sheet for the single LED http://www.nichia.co.jp/en/product/led_product_data.html?type='NV4L144AR'

Thank you!