LED part change

My company has been using LED part # 350-2425-nd since 2014. Recently the parts that we have been receiving have changed. We noticed the LED is much brighter now, and the lens is more clear. Did he part change? Is there an alternative part that you could recommend that would be more like the old version?

Welcome to the forum and the impossible to avoid problem of long product cycles and LED indicators.

Be thankful you’re not in my employers position, we build high end decorative 7-segment display instrumentation that has been in production since 1987.

Since you are using an indicator assembly with a decorative housing I recommend you add a resistor in series with the new LED indicators to reduce their apparent brightness to the same apparent brightness level as the previous parts.

Then to avoid having to change the resistor value again in less than 10 years, buy and stock a 10 year inventory of parts. Otherwise resign yourself to needing to adjust the resistor value whenever the new parts are different.

If you would like me to elaborate on some of the many electrical engineering and psychophysics effects that conspire to make any other solution ridiculously difficult to mange long term, let me know.


I do not see any change notices for this part and we do not have a replacement to offer for this one .

Thanks Craig