Legrand Wiremold 180615-PC-P Power Strip Cross

180615-PC-P is a six-outlet, 120V, 15A power strip with surge protection. I was able to find a good cross along with a list of other alternates for this part. Here are the specifications I used to cross:

Specification Name Value
Voltage Input 120V
Region North America
Max Current 15A
AC Outlets 6
Cord Length 15 feet

Since most NEMA type input and output connectors follow the standard three-prong design for power strips, I just filtered any that had a NEMA connector along with the specs above. The part number that is the cheapest out of the selection (since the list all have relatively the same features) is Digi-Key part number TL1182-ND; manufacturer part number TLP615.

Here are some other options based on the specifications as well: https://www.digikey.com/short/jm3rwjd9

The TechForum Cross-Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.