Lin Engineering Stepper Motor RO Suffix

If you are looking for stepper motors from Lin Engineering, you may see an “RO” suffix on the part number which is not listed on datasheet, such as WO-5718M-02P-RO.

Confirmed by manufacturer, the RO call out Rohs Compliance. These numbers were on the older models and have been dropping off since all products are Rohs. They are the same parts.

Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
2090-WO-211-13-01-RO-ND WO-211-13-01-RO
2090-WO-5718L-01P-RO-ND WO-5718L-01P-RO
2090-WO-5718X-15P-RO-ND WO-5718X-15P-RO
2090-WO-211-18-01-RO-ND WO-211-18-01-RO
2090-WO-208-13-01-RO-ND WO-208-13-01-RO
2090-WO-208-17-01-RO-ND WO-208-17-01-RO
2090-WO-5718L-01S-RO-ND WO-5718L-01S-RO
2090-WO-211-20-01-RO-ND WO-211-20-01-RO
2090-WO-211-20-02-RO-ND WO-211-20-02-RO
2090-WO-5718X-01P-RO-ND WO-5718X-01P-RO
2090-WO-5718M-02S-RO-ND WO-5718M-02S-RO
2090-WO-5718M-02P-RO-ND WO-5718M-02P-RO
2090-WO-5718X-15S-RO-ND WO-5718X-15S-RO
2090-WO-211-18-02-RO-ND WO-211-18-02-RO