Looking for a mating circular connector

I am trying to find a circular connector that would mate to this:

The OD of the threads measures 15.56mm, so it is probably M16, (unless SAE threads are common for this sort of thing; 16mm & 5/8 are awfully close).

The inside of the threaded shell is ~12.9mm
The diameter of the pins is 1.1mm
The seven outer pins are evenly spaced on a 9mm circle

If there is any other information that would help in identifying this, please let me know.

I’m thinking the mating connector might be 1754-1092-ND. The connector that mates to the part I am recommending is part 1754-1091-ND and it seems to be very close to the dimensions you have on your connector.

Thanks, Travis.

It does look to be about 27 TPI, and the pin numbering pattern is correct. All that I have from the manufacturer is a list of what each pin does by number, and I checked the functions that it lists with my voltmeter. I’ll order one and see how it fits.

The 1754-1092-ND did not fit.

  1. The threads on the nut didn’t match. I got some more tools to inspect the thread, and it has a 1mm thread pitch, so it is definitely going to be a metric thread.

  2. The outer sockets are centered on a 7mm circle on the connector; the pins on my piece of equipment are centered on a 9mm circle.

It would be much easier to find mating parts for connectors of this sort if manufacturers put more dimensional information on their datasheets instead of relying on you to know what spec your existing connectors met.

I reviewed all of the keyed 8 position connectors in our system, and unfortunately am not able to find a match to the one that you have. Most of the ones that I found also had the 7mm diameter.