Looking for an alternative to the Xilinx XC95xxXL family

We have been using CPLDs for a long time in our products -
XC9536XL, XC9572XL, XC95144XL.

It seems to me that Xilinx is not going to support these parts much longer, as ISE doesn’t run directly on windows 10.

Looking for a similar device family, with the design software, programmer. Unless I misunderstand what the newer Xilinx devices offer, they are all much bigger, complex, and expensive than what we need.

Need to be able to make circuits up of flip flops and gates, etc, like the XC9500XL series does, need a schematic entry type design software. Also, hopefully a part that is current and going to be around and supported for a while.

There is a workaround for that: AR# 62380: ISE Install - Installing and Running ISE 10.1 or 14.7 on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 machine


The bigger Complex Programmable Logic Devices with 7.5ns and 72 Macro-Cells or 144 MC’s in 100TQFP as XC9572XL-7TQG100C and XC95144XL-7TQG100C should still be available for the next time.

For the future, please check the ispMACH® 4000V series from Lattice Semiconductor Corporation if these CPLD’s with 7.5ns and 64 MC’s or 144 MC’s in 100TQFP as very similar device family members LC4064V-75TN100C and LC4128V-75TN100I could be a good alternative for your applications with extended lifetime support.