Looking for Tape and Reel specification for 3M connector

I’m looking for the 3M Tape and Reel specification for their D2514-6V0C-AR-WD SMT connector (4-wall, header, 14-pin, SMT). I could not find it on the 3M website or in the DigiKey product page itself. In particular I need the part-to-part spacing (pitch) on the tape.

Thank you.

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Welcome to the Technical Forum. I was unable to find the information. I have sent this off to see if we can get an answer for you. I will let you know when we receive anything back.

Hello MarkM,

Thanks for contacting DigiKey’s TechForum!

I am contacting 3M on this item, and I hope to have an answer for you soon. More to come…


We received confirmation from 3M that the spacing is 24mm. Any further questions please let us know.