Looking to image and take videos of live cells, and run motion tracking algorithms after

I have been looking for some very small cameras that are less than 9mm in size that I plan to use to image cells with. It is important for us to image the cells from at maximum 10mm away from cells but also keep good resolution. I have been looking into Omnivision’s products such as the OVM9284 or the CameraCube options. I was wondering if there are any kits that include these cameras that would allow me to easily plug it into a PC with a USB or something and I could test it out. Please let me know if there are any good options for this application, and how I could go about testing them!


Typical image sensors and their related dev kits are not well adapted to small-object imaging; those with integrated optics tend to be designed for far-field viewing, and those without won’t give a person a focused image without the addition of such.

There are however a variety of small handheld USB microscopes commercially available, as well as trinocular microscopes of a more standard character and/or camera inserts that can replace an eyepiece in a typical binocular microscope.

For cases such as this where the desire is to achieve some functional goal rather than to develop a new product, existing commercial solutions tend to offer the path of least resistance.