LPC11U35FHI33/501 Test counseling

LPC11U35FHI33/501 this IC, 1. can we do a drop test on this IC? 2. we own done test and found a promising crack. customer has asked other vendors that this crack is abnormal and belongs to poor fiber optics. so whether the crack is normal?

Looking at the data sheet I’m seeing a fairly standard integrated circuit that has no specifications for shock and vibration.

When there are no specs for shock and vibration there are no guarantees about the level of shock and vibration that will damage the plastic package. Under those circumstances it is up to the end user to design sufficient shock and vibration resistance into the PCB & housing so that it survives your desired tests.

hi Paul, thanks for your reply, pls see attached photo, we need you help confirm below points: 1.whether it is defective product? 2.pls help check what reason can cause this sisuation? 3.what is the correct measure that you mentioned?

no get your news yet, this issue need your help, hope can get your feedback

I have no further advise.

It would be advisable to seek support through the sales channel the parts were purchased through.

It would be up to the manufacturer to determine if support/failure analysis would be provided for destructive testing.