LTM2884 alternative inquiry

Hello All!

The LTM2884 with the BGA-44 package/case is now out of stock and our company relies heavily on this IC.

May I ask if there is a similar alternative for this IC?

I found this, LTM2894IY#PBF,but it is not the correct package type to just drop into our existing circuits without having to rework many of our products. If this is the only alternative available, we will make it work!

Thank you.


Hi, in order to check for alternate/ cross, we would need the full part number, so we can check the correct temperature, voltage and channel type ect. Please let us know. Glenda

Hello Glenda,

Thank you for your reply.

Ok, here is the full part number for the LTM2884:

and here is my proposed alternative:

However, I am open to anything else, especially one that fits this BGA-44 package.

Thank you!