LTspice Tips - Keyboard Shortcut Map Hot Keys

The LTspice Keyboard Shortcut Map and Setting Custom Hot Keys

I was speaking with a former coworker, engineer, and friend of mine as I was trying to help him figure out how to do some things in LTspice that he only knew how to do in Pspice, when he said something along the lines of, “you know, the thing that bugs me the most is that there’s no way to change your keyboard shortcuts in LTspice.” I paused for a few moments, since I knew my friend had been using LTspice rather extensively for at least a year now, and I realized that telling him, “but… there is a way to do that,” would bring him as much frustration over his lack of awareness for the last year as joy at finally being told how. How is somewhat hidden, but with enough clicking around in the various menus it can be found easily enough. After talking with my friend, I thought that perhaps there are a lot of LTspice users who aren’t aware, so I figured I’d make this page and hopefully help them out.

1) Open the Control Panel

Click the Tools menu and then click Control Panel .


2) Open the Keyboard Shortcut Map

Click on the Drafting Options tab and then click the Hot Keys[*] button.

3) Select the Appropriate Editor/Viewer Tab

Click on the tab for the editor/viewer (Schematic, Symbol, WaveForm, or Netlist) you wish to edit/view the keyboard shortcuts for.

4) Make Any Desired Changes

Click on any specific command’s shortcut and it should turn from grey to black . While it is black , press the keyboard key or key combination you wish to assign to that command and you should see it change.

That’s it, it’s that easy. If you go a little too crazy and manage to foul things up too much, you can always use the Reset to Default Values button and start over. I actually learned a few commands I didn’t even know about just by looking through the lists, so I’d recommend that too. It really does make life a lot easier (especially with LTspice which is a little quirky) to learn at least the basic keyboard shortcuts or else set your own. I’d highly recommend it. Although, if you go too crazy with your own custom key mappings, and then you have to sit at a computer that isn’t your own to do/demonstrate something… well, you have my sympathy.


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