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Part No. 2205-SL1500-1.7/UI2+LXI-ND

I wanted to know which kind of output cable is needed to connect the magnapower to our pulse generator. Please note our pulse generator has a male port so the high voltage cable should have a female port. For the other side of cable that would connect to magna power what kind of connector is needed. Can you also please share a clear picture of rear panel.

Hello shanza.gaig-1, welcome to the Forum community. Take a look at the datasheet on page 12, they list output connectors. The supplier has a Universal Interface Device (part number UID47), which is not presently offered on our website, but we may be able to order it for you. This is the link to the supplier’s website, where you can get a better look at the back of the part. There is also a User Manual link on that website which offers a lot more detail including interface connectors in section 2.7.

Can you please share the picture of UID 47 and the rear panel of magna power. I cannot find it in datasheet.


For the UID47 the below link to the data for that item was found.

For the rear panel for the supply the below was found.
SL Series - 1U DC Power Supply: 1.5 kW, 2.6 kW, 4 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW, 10 kW | Magna-Power

I am sorry to say that I did not find images for either.

Hello Shanza,

I do want to note that Magna-Power Electronics offers DC cabling as well. A link to this on the website can be found here.