Mating connector for M83513/01-AN


I am seeking out mating products for 9-pin micro D-sub male M83513/01-AN connector (Cinch). I thought that M83513/04-A03C (Cinch) would be an appropriate option, but it does not show up in the mating products on Digikey. Furthermore, both of these products seem to have a common connector saver (DCDM9CS). Can I reliably use this product (M83513/04-A03C) as a direct mate to M83513/01-AN without the connector saver (DCDM9CS)?


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If you’re looking for a mating option that includes wire pigtails M83513/04-A03C would be a viable option.

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The connector saver has both the male and female ends, so it will mate to both the M8513/01-AN and the M83513/04-A03C, but it does not have to be used. The M8513/01-AN and the M83513/04-A03C will mate together with no additional connectors needed.

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